Electrospell's Spectrafill Green LED for Color-tunable Designs

High Definition Color Illumination with Broadband LED

Tuneable rich, vibrant colors are enabled by spectrum-filling green LED

Electrospell’s Spectrafill broadband green LED produces the widest color gamut for high definition color in illumination applications where color-tunability is required.

Spectrafill green LED fills the central part of the visible spectrum with its extra-wide spectral coverage. Ordinary green LEDs fall far short of this goal. When used with ordinary narrowband red and blue LEDs, this enables lighting systems with both color-tunability (by varying the brightness of each of the three LEDs) and rich spectral coverage for creating different shades of white light.

Compared to the 20 – 30 nm wide bandwidth of ordinary LEDs, Spectrafill green LED produces 90 nm wide spectrum – resulting in wavelength-rich light that can show objects the way they were meant to be seen.

Spectrafill green LED is available as discrete unit in both leaded and surface mount packaging. High power 1W package is also available. This LED is also available together with red and blue LEDs as the Spectrafill chipset.

Whatever you are building, if it involves illuminating objects in color that may need changing then using Spectrafill RGB chipset is the best option.

Spectrafill green LED is available in both conventional 5 mm diameter (T-1 3/4) epoxy packages and in PLCC SMD packages. High power (1 W) Spectrafill green LEDs are also available. RGB chipsets are also available. The LEDs can be easily assembled into full-colour RGB modules that can be driven by either analogue or digital (PWM) signals.

Please note that we no longer offer Spctrafill red and blue LEDs. Legacy Spectrafill red and blue datasheets, however, can be downloaded from download links on the right.

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Color perception

Download Spectrafill Data Sheets

Spectrafill Red LED - ESL1R11

Spectrafill Green LED - ESL2G11

Spectrafill Blue LED - ESL3B11