Electrospell LEDs

High Performance Solid-state Lighting

Electrospell makes LEDs for all high performance lighting applications. From specialist colour illumination to general purpose white lighting, Electrospell LEDs are useful for a variety of applications. These range from high CRI lighting and high quality in-door lighting to professional lighting for photography, museums, art galleries, aircrafts, underwater illumination, night vision, plant growth and display backlighting. Our innovative products are opening new markets and allowing LED lighting system manufacturers to introduce highly successful new products to a market that is worth in excess of 50 billion dollars a year.

Existing products include Spectrafill LEDs for broadband colour emission, Tungsten LEDs for pleasant domestic lighting and Flat-white LEDs for very high CRI lighting (>92). All LEDs are available in both low power through hole and SMD packages as well as high power 1 Watt and 3 Watt packages.

Forthcoming products include Gemini LEDs for colour temperature control and an enhanced version of Flat-white LED that emits the whitest (flat spectrum) light of any LED in the world. There are further innovative products in the pipeline which will help drive the global solid-state lighting industry to new highs. Click here for a brief synopsis on Electrospell and its products.

Please contact Electrospell's US or UK location for any further information, free samples and details of forthcoming products.

Regulatory declaration: All Electrospell LEDs are RoHS compliant and contain no Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC). The LEDs undergo strict quality control checks as described in the LED QC Test Program.