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Electrospell LED Products [click links below for more information]

Electrospell offers two types of white LEDs as well as a set of red/green/blue LEDs for constructing tunable spectrum light sources. All LEDs are available in 1W power packages as well as low-power SMD packages. Color LEDs are also available in traditional T-5 through hole style. All 1W LEDs can also be supplied with an integral reflector for high surface brightness and narrow emission angle. White LEDs can also be supplied in 3W versions on special request with minimum order quantity of 5000 LEDs.

White LEDs

Flat-white LED - Provides very neutral full-spectrum white light with good spectral uniformity across the visible region. It can be used for most high quality illumination applications.


Tungsten LED - Provides light that is extremely close in appearance and spectrum to that of light from tungsten halogen incandescent bulbs. It can be used for any application where ordinary tungsten bulb-like illumination is desired.


Color LEDs

Spectrafill Chipset - A trio of red/green/blue LEDs for producing tunable spectrum light. The green LED is an exceptionally broad band Spectrafill LED designed for filling in the central part of the visible spectrum. As the green region constitutes the main central part of visible white light spectrum so the extra wide spectrum green LED makes it possible to make high CRI variable spectrum light sources. The red and blue parts of the spectrum are provided by the other two narrowband LEDs. Used together, these LEDs can be driven at different intensity levels to generate a very wide range of colors, including many shades of white.


Phosphor-based Colored Neons

Although not LEDs, Electrospell also sells phosphor-coated miniature neon lamps. These are an interesting variation on the usual orange-only neon lamps. Available as a set of four, each 5 mm diameter lamp is coated with a different phosphor which is energized by electrical disharge in the neon gas filling the lamps. The four lamps give out green, orange-red, violet and pale blue lights. These lamps can be used in place of ordinary neon lamps.